An update on my previous blog. Pledge Music have finally been in touch to say they are “doing all they can” to sort out the mess so many of us have been left in. There seems to be a buy out in the wind, though that is not confirmed. At least, this time, Pledge have stated that refunds are one of their priorities, so, hopefully, something will come of it. In the meantime, Diane Birch has launched a Paypal account to raise funds directly for her new album. Details of this account can be found on Diane’s Facebook page, or here: go to and type in the amount. 

Elles Bailey has also suffered from the Pledge situation, and she, too, is taking payment directly, via her website The album “Road I call Home” is also available to pre-order from Amazon & iTunes. However this situation has arisen, there is not much worse than losing money due to someone else’s incompetence.

All is proceeding well regards the Foxton Locks festival, with the many behind the scenes dramas and bitching hopefully behind us! There is only one thing worse than a committee, and that is two committees. Smooth sailing from now till the 16th June. Look out for details of another festival I may be involved in, soon. Many of the acts appearing at the Foxton Locksfestival, such as Zoe Green, The Big Wolf Band, Stevie Nimmo & Southbound, can be heard on my Rock, Soul & Blues show on 102.3 HFM , sundays between 16:00 & 19:00. Shameless plug, as they say, but it’s my show!

Speaking of HFM, we have said goodbye to Richard Oliff, who has presented the Drivetime show for the whole 12 years of our existence All of us on the management team and, indeed, all presenters and background staff , are truly grateful for all the work Richard has done, and we wish him all the best in his new life on the south coast. How he managed to present for four hours, five days a week, and keep it fresh sounding, is still a mystery to me.Whilst some have been saying how sad they are, I am truly happy for Richard and Ros as they start a new phase of their lives in a new house and with lots of new opportunities. It also gives Becca Robertson the chance to shine on her new 3-6 Home Run show, as well as enabling us to change a few other things, hopefully for the better.


Speak soon!

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